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Updated: 18th of May, 2022

Are you tired of buying small-job roofing leads from big-name companies with no results?

Does your current “Marketing Company” seem out of touch with the roofing industry in general?

SHOW OFF MARKETING (SOM) is a Roofing Marketing Agency
that moves fast and breaks things like sales records, plateaus, and your competitors’ hearts. The only things we don’t break… our promises and the bank.

We help ONLY Roofing Contractors use well-executed online advertising strategies to take their businesses to the next level.

Be quick! Free spots are almost gone for this month

5 Stars out of 23 Reviews

Learn how to increase your sales and grow your business with our Roofing Omnipresence Marketing System

There are many so-called “marketing experts” out there, but they don’t know the roofing industry as we do.

We’re here to implement our battle-tested roofing marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

Our goal is to help you become the “go-to” name in the roofing industry in your local area. Increase your company’s revenue, and increase your bottom line.

Be quick! Free spots are almost gone for this month

5 Stars out of 23 Reviews

SEE HOW WE MADE The Roofing Omnipresence Marketing System

We’ve developed a proven online marketing system for roofing contractors that will not only get you more visibility, more brand recognition, more leads, more jobs, and more profits — it will help you become “The Best Known Roofer” in your target market.

The 3 Principles of Our Omnipresence Marketing System

It consists of 3 fundamental principles that make up the foundation of what we do to grow any roofing business.

Maximize Opportunities

Every place you have to make your business visible is an opportunity to get a lead. This is why when it comes to being “omnipresent” you need to max out all of the potential sources that you can get a lead from to have a better chance of getting that customer.

You should always have 5-7 incoming lead sources when doing online and offline marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), being ranked in Google Maps and Google Organic Search are two lead sources. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are the most scalable and high-quality lead sources. Facebook is good for increasing brand awareness. Referrals and door knocking can be other lead sources. All of these are opportunities that can potentially generate a lead for your business.

You need to be in as many of these as possible to up the likelihood of someone finding your roofing company. It’s similar to a roulette wheel.

The more numbers you bet on, the higher your chance of being a winner. You will not grow if you do not take this approach.

Maximize Brand Impressions

It’s time to step up your brand awareness after generating interest from maxing out your opportunities to get more leads. Maximizing brand impressions means that you need to make sure your roofing company is seen on all platforms all the time, targeting all potential customers, no matter where they are in the buying journey.

Another word for this would be retargeting or remarketing. Once someone sees your brand for the first time online, you need to have many more touchpoints with that customer before they become fully “aware” of your brand. When a potential customer becomes “aware” of your brand because they’ve seen it enough to be recognizable, you start to become the “best known roofer” in your area.

You’re no longer a one-hit-wonder; you’re the go-to roofing company when people think about roofing in your area.

The ultimate omnipresence goal is that your previous website visitors will see your brand everywhere online. If you can ensure this level of brand visibility in front of your potential customers, your company is poised for massive growth.

Maximize Conversions

When you’ve accomplished the first two steps above, you’ll have leads coming into your business at a higher volume than you’ve ever seen before. 100% Guaranteed. But it doesn’t stop there.

Maximizing conversions means taking those leads and turning them into sales — from initial contact with the lead as quickly as possible to having your lead follow up processes built and working well all the way through the signing of their contract. If people are calling and no one’s answering the phones, you’re not going to be the best-known roofer for very long. Be very diligent in your lead communication process.

This is what it’s like to maximize your conversions to the fullest.

What would it mean to be the “Best Known Roofer” to your perfect customer?

We have been working as digital marketers with roofing contractors for over five years. The marketing system we’ve developed is tried and tested to help your roofing company obtain the “Best Known Roofer” status in your area.

Be quick! Free spots are almost gone for this month

5 Stars out of 23 Reviews

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Their Roofing Marketing System has given us a huge increase in online traffic and website leads. Our brand is front and center in our area more than ever before.
Justin B.
President of Prominent Construction, LLC
Our projected revenue is about 30% higher than it was last year. Our leads are way better because we get the leads that we want. We’re higher ranked on Google, you look us up in our service area right now we’re number one.
Shawn W.
MF Whalen Contracting

Be quick! Free spots are almost gone for this month

5 Stars out of 23 Reviews


We’ve been in the roofing contractor marketing business for some time and have created an exclusive marketing system for roofing companies that we’ve developed over the last 5 years.

Lots of trial and error over time has allowed us to produce a combination of roofing marketing strategies that generates consistent results for our clients. It’s a win-win relationship for every roofer that joins.

We’ve been able to take our extensive internet marketing experience and figure out what works and what doesn’t. And since we only work in the roofing industry, we have the data to back it up!

Let’s take a look at the strategies we implement to help your roofing company get more leads than you’ve ever had before:


The backbone of the omnipresence marketing system is the high-converting roofing website we’ll build. We have tested dozens and dozens of roofing website formats and designs and found a select few that dominates all others.

With slick Call To Actions (CTA) on both desktop and mobile, a beautiful and fast loading design, and specifically custom tailored with content, imagery, and branding for your business, your website will be the jumping-off point that we build your marketing system on.

Your brand will look spectacular and visitors will want to make contact with you. We’ve proven it time and time again in our testing. And we’ll have this up and running for your roofing business in less than two weeks.

As a client of SOM, you’ll get every aspect of this site custom-built specifically for your business. Your website will have the following features:


We want your brand to be seen everywhere that people look. It’s how our proven system generates so many leads so consistently.

That starts with Google Ads and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising sources. We’ll have your company running PPC campaigns almost immediately and showing up for the search terms you want to show up for on Google and Microsoft Search Engines in your local area. Display Banner Ads, YouTube Video Ads, and Retargeting / Remarketing Ads ensure your business will be on major news websites, Gmail, YouTube, and everywhere your customers browse on the internet.

Our Pay-Per-Click services for roofers make people notice your brand and allow them to easily click to call you or submit an estimate request directly to you.

We’re able to do this effectively and get a great return on investment because:


Using local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to rank in Google Maps is the best way to position your company apart from your competitors. You’ll see a clear difference in the quality of your leads when people find you within Google’s top 3 on maps.

We are experts at Roofing SEO and we do it right. Having your brand appear in the top 3 on Google Maps for your services is a game-changer. We typically see that movement within the first 60-90 days of working with our clients.

There are two parts to local search engine marketing for roofers. The first part is on-page optimization:

The other part is off-site optimization. Here are the things we do to rank the site:

In the end, you’ll be popping up at the top of search results more than ever before.

Our roofing SEO team is one is the best in the business. We stay on top of all the latest SEO trends, but keep our testing within our company limits. We ensure that you’re getting the best strategies deployed, for the fastest results.


Having a social media strategy for your roofing marketing plan can go a long way.

There are a billion registered users on Facebook and Instagram is growing at an insane pace. You need to reach these customers.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to do this. We can target users on social media platforms with ads for your roofing company directly and show them offers, branded videos, and more.

We’ll work with you to create highly targeted ads that showcase your roofing business as a whole in order to build consumer trust and confidence before visitors end up requesting that estimate from you.

We create the following separate types of ad campaigns for your company:


The #1 reason online marketing doesn’t work for roofing contractors is they don’t have proper web pages for visitors to land on and convert into leads. Our lead capturing landing pages have been tested and tested over and over again until we found the highest converting ones.

These specifically tailored roofing service pages are eye-catching, they make potential leads want to take action, and they are branded so people know that they are reaching your company when they call or submit a form.


Reputation matters for contractors online more than ever. Although sometimes your customers will give you reviews without being asked, more often than not, they need a little coaxing.

When people search for roofing companies online, they want to see that the business has verified and trusted reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

We’ll give you the software tools you need that help to get your business more 5 star reviews than your competitors in no time.

Our reputation management and review software provides the following:


Video. Yep, that’s it.

That’s the one word that needs to be said and the one you need to hear in order to take your company to the next level in revenue and growth.

If you think you can survive in the coming years and grow your brand without using video, we’ll just say “Good Luck”.

We are all in on video here at SOM because it just works. Plain and simple. It gets your company’s messaging across clearer, it shows true authenticity for your brand and the people behind it. And it conveys trust most of all.

We’ll show you our video advertising framework and get all of the video ads you’ll need shot and edited for the next 12 months of your advertising campaign.

We help shoot the following types of video ad campaigns:

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5 Stars out of 23 Reviews


We rigorously train every team member on the ins and outs of the roofing industry before anything else. Because if your marketing team doesn’t know how you operate, how can they be successful for you?

See what we mean by booking a call below!

Be quick! Free spots are almost gone for this month

5 Stars out of 23 Reviews